06/06/2022 10:30 Views: 99999

E-Ticket or Electronic Ticket is a new kind of ticket which has been increasingly used by airlines in order to develop its services to their passengers as it will bring about more convenience in traveling. How is it convenient to passengers?

You do not have to carry air ticket everywhere you go. The only thing you have to carry is a paper confirmed that the ticket is sold by our agency. The confirmed paper will be received via e-mail and you can print it out by yourself. Then when you go check in at an airline counter, you simply show the confirmed paper which serves as an air ticket because the information of purchasing the E-ticket has already been recorded in reservation system and check-in system of the airline.

In case of losing the E-ticket or forgetting it during your trip to an airport, it can be printed out again at the airport. Or you can call us then the confirmed paper will be faxed to the airport. You can see that by having an E-ticket, all problems will be solved easily.

In addition, what more you will get is the price that is less expensive than purchasing a regular air ticket because airlines spend less cost on E-ticket. By having an E-ticket, traveling internationally is not complicated anymore. However, it is not every airline using E-ticket. So when you travel holding an E-ticket, please be informed that the ticket will be able to use only wherever there is an E sign.